The idea of Metaversium, epic play to earn strategy game, was born to give a new look to hybrid DeFI and GameFI models. Each player needs a NFT character to start playing. In order to construct a small village or a powerful castle, players need to buy a land parcel or rent it by simply sharing some of the farmed resources with a landowner. Players can either trade their resources in the marketplace or spend (burn) resources to upgrade production chains and build new constructions to open more game mechanics.

What it does

Our in-game marketplace is powered by Serum DEX and it enables actual liquidity for in-game assets: NFTs and resources (SPL-tokens). Our goal is to cover two major audience bases that comprise our crypto-gamer hybrid target market: DeFi (our early core community: farming, trading, staking) and Mainstream (end of the year when major game mechanics are implemented such as player-vs-player battles, more play to earn mechanics etc).

We've done market research of existing solutions and competitors, and we've found that many of themhave the same major problem - they are too confusing and complicated for the regular users. Another UX problem is that users have to use various platforms for different actions related to marketplaces and trading: settling funds, closing open order accounts to return rent, or closing empty associated token accounts (ATA).

With this hackathon we've accepted the challenge to take all these confusing or complicated processes and wrap them into an intuitive, easy to use, gamified 1-click interface. And this is how Metaverisum Marketplace has arrived.

What's next for Metaversium

Q1 2022:

  • Major game concepts ✅
  • Serum x Wormhole hackathon: Marketplace ✅
  • Release Marketplace for game assets ✅
  • Bridge marketplace with Terra ✅
  • Solana Riptide hackathon: NFT staking
  • Publish white paper

Q2 2022:

  • NFT staking in mainnet-beta: core farming mechanics
  • Closed beta test
  • Metaversium NFT sale

Q3 2022:

  • Major game update: upgradable buildings, resource burning, new constructions and units
  • Land sale
  • Public beta test in Solana’s mainnet-beta

Q4 2022:

  • Metaversium token launch
  • Play2earn mechanics, staking
  • Quests and achievements
  • Defensive buildings and units

2023 and beyond:

  • Battles
  • Clans
  • Release on Terra testnet
  • Mobile and desktop clients
  • New game mechanics
  • DAO




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