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So Whats the problem with TV Today?

These days everyone lives on their mobile phones. They are less engaged with tv, and ignoring ads. Mobile phones do so much awesome stuff so why not take advantage of that?

Advertisers know this which is why mobile advetising is such a huge business.

The best ads are ones which you can interact with. But on TV thats just not possible. Yet.

So lets just bring them to the phone.

TV advertisers would LOVE to know what your watching and when your watching it to deliver better ads.

If only people had some incentives to pair their phone with their tv.

SOLUTION So we built meTaVerse.

Its the future of TV. Rewarding for Consumers, and Game Changing for Advertisers!

Live Sports events and gripping tv series are awesome, but im always running around like usain bolt during ad breaks so I dont miss any of the action.

What if I didnt need to anymore?

I just get a notification, letting me know when the commercial breaks are, of course not entirely accurately so i still see some of them, and the notfications are sponsored push notifications with logo branding and special offers than can be redeemed by the user.

MetaVerse is even better with a smart watch, since you can just roam your house and then get a buzz on your wrist and start heading back when its time.

There are tonnes of great features like being able to watch the video stream your currently paired to on your phone, great for extended toilet breaks or while taking a call but keeping your eye on the match ;)

Thats a pretty good reason to pair your phone.

So one of the problems of the advertisers, is they dont know what you watch and what ads are affective.

With MeTaVerse, we give the advertiser all the info they could dream of. A unique UUID generated and stored on the TV, IP Addresses of device and TV, the ADID UUID of the Phone, channel, commerical and time of the notifications and time of the user click to redeem.

On top of that we have integration with SportsRadar so todays match fixtures are displayed over the top in a toggleable marquee overlay.

We EVEN let you get a notification ON the TV when your phone is ringing and you can answer it to speaker phone or hangup right from the remote.

Oh and a Bonus twitter feed because.... 24 hours..... h4x! :P

Thats the Future. Thats MeTaVerse. The Future of TV

Thanks to everyone from 7hack and ProSiebenSat.1 MEdia SE

Madhava Jay Kalki Rose Rahul

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