We are DApp developers. And as all DApp developers we were having a problem with bringing in new users. Especially the ones, which doesn't understand blockchains, decentralisation and crypto.

We were inspired by idea of meta transactions, which users to use DApps much easier without a need to even have a crypto currency.

What it does

Our project consist of two parts:

  • SDK for DApps developers
  • Mobile wallet app

SDK for DApps developers is a simple set of JS libraries to ease the integration to any DApp.

Mobile wallet is not "ANOTHER CRYPTO WALLET". We prefer to call it "Hybrid crypto wallet". Because it could serve advanced crypto-users as an ordinary crypto wallet, but also it could serve as easy one-click wallet for new users.

Application interface is built in a way to not scary new-coming users with words like "crypto", "private key", etc. Thus it only shows 2 simple buttons for users "RED" and "GREEN" to either accept an action (sign meta transaction) or nor.

User should simply chose an action in the DApp, scan the QR code and either REJECT or CONFIRM the action.

That's simply it.

How we built it

We made a react-native cross-platform mobile application with functionality to create new wallet for new users and to import seed phrase or private key, scan QR codes, and sign meta transactions.

Also we built and deployed small Example DApp to show how the idea works.

Challenges we ran into

We didn't ran into much challenges, because we combined already existing technologies.

What's next for MetaStamp

We want to integrate the project to our existing DApps and then to work on improvements as we have a lot of ideas.

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