The Solana NFT ecosystem is booming, and with all the auctions an average person participates in, it's easy to forget some where you bid and lost (non-winning bids have to be redeemed manually after the auction end.)

This is especially true for the June-July period, where it all was new and $SOL was cheap.

What it does

When you enter a wallet address, you get a list of bids that you didn't win and have yet to redeem. You can redeem them with one click directly from the interface.

How we built it

I built the tool using my Solana Go SDK and my Go Metaplex library.

Challenges we ran into

The bid redemption instruction involves a lot of PDAs (program derived addresses). The most challenging part was getting all the needed PDAs right.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It's a fast experience that doesn't rely on remembering all the auctions you might have bid on, or searching and loading each Metaplex auction page to redeem a lost bid.

What we learned

  • Processing a significant amount of data needs to be done very efficiently.
  • Everything makes sense if you take a look at the (Metaplex) code.

What's next for Metaplex Lost Bid Redeemer

Metaplex lost bids was the start; there are many more similar issues where access to a certain user-desirable action is fragmented among many pages and places, and not easily reachable.

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October 15th Top 10 Auctions by Un-redeemed bids

Amount Auction
140.323◎ "Docile Iris Lobster"
140.28◎ "Degen Ape - Sodium Chloride"
136.141◎ "Quick Sky Ape"
109.833◎ "Teeny Admiral Albatross"
106.5◎ "BOOGLE x Abstratica"
105◎ "Monkanician"
103.8412◎ "Genuine Umber Snake"
93◎ "Monkanician"
92◎ "Monkos"
91.5◎ "rox#01L"


  • Unredeemed bids count: 1618
  • Unredeemed $SOL: 5399.29

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