I belong from a middle class family and dream to be a esports player but in my home my parents never supported me ,somehow i introduced to crypto ,blockchain stuff and started trading in my 1st 3-4 months i made 20x of my initial money and in that case also no support from family and another thing most probably in India and other countries also their are lots of gamer like one to two in every family but not every one earning from gaming , but you can say their is p2e but i also played Axie infinity and other p2e games but they are not so enjoyable or fun like PUBG ,COD AND VALORANT etc and price also too high to enter into that game so i decided to give token for all gamer who use our application(web) ..

What it does

They have to just login through our website and submit what game they want to play like pubg , valorant or axie infinity or other game and then tap on play game then they redirected to that game and they can enjoy their game and based on hour we provide them token and one thing they have to hold our NFT ,first 1000 NFT will be Airdropped for early comer.

How we built it

As i am interested in blockchain and gaming and my friend having experience in web development so we used solidity for smart contracts and react for frontend and for integration we used web3 js and we have also Erc-20 token and Erc-721 token build in solidity , currently in testnet. We used Metamask as authenticator.

Challenges we ran into

As blockchain is new so any error come we have to struggle.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We’ve learned from my own mistakes.we have our own ERC-20 token and ERC-721 token also.

What we learned


What's next for MetaMoney

As bear cycle is going on so their is less money and more fear in the market, so we want to launch our project in 2024-25 bull cycle and if i am sure then in 2024-25 bull cycle we may see a lots of trend on web3 application as 2021 is NFT and P2E season. But now a days we have to learn and develop more and build our community strong.

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