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MetaMagic is an SharePoint workflow that automatically assigns metadata to files based on file paths. This assigned metadata makes files easier to find, search, and organize when combined with custom views. MetaMagic will be packaged as an workflow template (.wsp) for organizations to adapt and apply to any document library.

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Process Overview

  1. User drags folders and/or files into a document library.
  2. MetaMagic Workflow assigns each folder name as a column value in SharePoint.
  3. Folders and metadata live in harmony as users realize the power of custom views.


SharePoint document libraries are very powerful when metadata is applied to files. You can:

  • create custom views by grouping, filtering and sorting
  • make files more accessible and searchable
  • stop wasting users time as they get lost down folder “rabbit holes”

Very exciting value proposition yet the path to get there requires training people to think differently and the meta-tagging process is very cumbersome.


Uploading files to sharepoint while taking advantage of meta-tagging is broken and greatly impacts user adoption. The value and reasoning of meta-tagging is understood but the process of uploading one file at a time and filling out a form is a crime. Organizing files via folders and using drag-n-drop is what users are accustomed to doing.


Upload files the normal way and let MetaMagic handle the meta-tagging. Now we can harness the power of custom views and metadata without sacrificing folders and user experience.

Benefit for Users

This allows users to save time in manually translating folders and files to sharepoint metadata columns. Users can now create custom views making files accessible, searchable, and more organized. Upload products, collaborate, and be productive. No more wasted time uploading one file at a time and filling out a form or trying to figure out an administrative way to mass assign metadata after the fact. We already have metadata on the folder names, why not use it?

How it Works

MetaMagic Workflow runs on file upload to capture file path, split it at each delimiter, and looping to assign the appropriate metatags. Then, it waits for changes to the file path of a file before it assigns updated metadata.

What's Next?

  • Optimize the workflow
  • Package as an Office SharePoint Add-In
  • Apply AI for additional metatagging based on file contents

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