Comarc Robotics conducts business in the robotic industry and develops innovated devices for automation and telemetric solutions. Comarc Robotics is founded on personal safety. Personal safety is also our homes, for our communities, and for our planet. All life forms want to live and all life deserves a fighting chance. Thus Comarc Robotics is that solution. You ask How, Why? I ask When and Where? Robots are and have been in our lives since the dawn of time. Humans have been fascinated with the very technology and creation of an A. I from childhood. I too have personally embarked on such a journey as a child, imagining I was a world renowned scientist, then I would go home after school and take all my electrics apart, and rebuild them. The look on everyone’s face the day after my birthday, when it was show and tell time to display the disassembled R/C car. The goal is to make robots more common and statistic fatal mistakes, less likely to happen. By using automation to help prevent accidents and make us safe. Comarc Robotics will build 1000 Servitron VIAIR Devices. Comarc Robotics designs and develops Robotic solutions. Technology has brought changes and Comarc Robotics brings integration. From house hold robots to industrial robots, Comarc Robotics can create products that matter. Expand your imagination and be enlightened by state of the art technology. For totally automated devices come to Comarc Robotics. Design for inspiration to develop eco-friendly communities. Bridging a gap between nature, technology, and life style. Let us reach beyond standard to create sustainable solutions.

What it does

It’s a keyboard glove for jet pack human flight and communication.

How I built it

its build with Aluminum, Rubber, leather, sewing, sawing, melting, 3M VHB Tape, Plexiglas, Microcontroller

Challenges I ran into

Making a keyboard system from scratch and people believing in my projects.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am proud that I came up with such an idea.

What I learned

I learned to be patient with my project because I want it to be build right away, but I had to take my time.

What's next for MetaKey faster typing for active people and people with disabilities.

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