During the Hacking The Hack remote hackathon, when I was seeing everyone pitching their ideas, I was thinking that it looks like separate apps, interesting, but not so meta... So I was thinking about a way to connect apps between them.

What it does

Enable interoperability between projects through a unity and web compatible library based on WebRTC.

How we built it

  • using webrtc unity preview package
  • newtonsoft json
  • glitch as backend for signaling server + front for demo

Challenges we ran into

  • the project isn't appealing as it's an in-between project and not an app that can run alone
  • webrtc unity preview package doesn't act exactly as webrtc on the web... I've lost too much time finding where my assumptions were false about how it should work...
  • in remote, it's not easy to discuss with on-site teams, as a project that should be used by everyone, not being able to easily communicate is a big handicap
  • until the lib is working, I can't works with others to integrate it because it's useless... I was thinking to be able to finish it on 25, but too much problems encountered, so I don't know if I'll be able to integrate the library into projects before the end


  • at least now, an alpha version is working!

What have been learned

  • would have been easier to do a little XR apps for the hackathon... but I expect that my lib will at least be integrated in two projects before the end!

What's next for MetaHack

  • could be really interesting to properly "finish" it and publish it as a unity package and web library
  • a lot of things should be done before interoperability will appears

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