MetaHack is an Android App designed to make your life at a Hackathon a much smoother and easier experience. No more will you waste time searching for food that hasn't arrived, looking for teammates, or trying to find hardware. All the information for the hackathon is finally in one easy-to-use place. As you may have noticed, Hackathons can get a little crazy. Food is running late, nobody knows where things are, all the major information is on one website, while updated information is pushed to a random web chat center or spread by word of mouth. All this is going on while you're just trying to grab a bite to eat and return to making whatever awesome hack you had in mind. And it makes you think: wouldn't it be great if there was a way to coalesce all this information into one continuously updating place? We have solved this problem with MetaHack: the hackathon created hack for navigating hackathons. MetaHack provides several major services, easing your hackathon experience before and during any hackathon. For starters, MetaHack allows for the creation and editing of events by administrators, these events are then ranked chronologically, allowing for hackers to easily see upcoming hackathons near them. Inside each individual hackathon profile, there is contained all the pertinent information for the hackathon: location, events, where and when to get food, etc. At this point, you may be thinking "There are already plenty of services that provide this, what makes yours any different?". The key is the data provided during a hackathon. Unlike other services that match hackers with hackathons, and then abandon them to the will of the tides, MetaHack maintains forums and constantly updatable schedules using Firebase to ensure that hackers have all their needs met. On top of that, Google Map services are provided to assist hackers in finding pertinent locations. Forums aid hackers in forming teams, sharing ideas, and providing any other kind of help to each other. MetaHack wraps up all the distributed information for a hackathon into a neat package, allowing a hacker to avoid the grueling search for food, equipment, or assistance. Schedules, maps, hackathon twitter feeds, and much more are now in the palm of your hand, only a button click away.

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