Our initial inspirations were VR fitness games on Oculus Quest.

So we wanted to build something similar, but without the need for a VR headset 🤔

Something that will utilize WebCam and AI Pose Detections 🎦 instead

Such that it can be more accessible on daily basis as using a VR headset may be cumbersome.

And We decided that including NFTs and tokenization will be another great asset for this project which will boost the incentive aspect for the users 🚀

Another inspiration is mainly as a tool for remote companies.

The main problem that MetaGymLand wants to solve, is the lack of tools that will incentivize people to do healthy breaks and daily workouts in the new remote working world.

We believe that MetaGymLand will help remote companies to support their remote workers to stay healthy and energized while `working from home

Another inspiration is hence we will have move & earn features

What it does

MetaGymLand is Gamifying Daily Stretches and Workouts

You can:

  • [x] mint your NFT
  • [x] you will need to enable your webcam for pose detection
  • [x] enter MetaGymLand virtual gym room
  • [x] then you can move your body, and your NFT avatar will move with you 🤯 🙂
  • [x] buy playing minigames hidden in gym mats you can earn XP points

MetaGymLand is planning to do move & earn/stretch & earn which is inspired by

Although our concept of play to earn is a bit different.

Play to earn will be an addition to MetaGymLand, not a core feature.

more about that:

MetaGymLand is not a game per say but a habit-building tool for daily stretches with gamification

How we built it

  • TensorflowJS and Mediapipe deliver all the AI pose detection capabilities
  • Moralis makes talking to blockchains easier and faster
  • Chainlink VRF is used for NFT minting with fair distribution

NFT mint price stays the same, then the smart contract based on randomization from Chainlink VRF will decide which NFT you will get

The NFTs have 4 tiers: Mystic, Legendary, Rare, Common

  • Avalanche is used as the main L1 Blockchain on top of which all the MetaGymLand digital assets are built.

GymBuddies NFTs are on Avalanche Fuji Testnet

  • ipfs and filecoin is used for NFT storage by utilzing
  • phaser is our Metaverse game engine
  • React for the frontend
  • Github Pages for deployment
  • figma for designs

One of the technical ideas while building this project was Edge Computing.

This means we want to keep most of the computations on the edge (so the client)

For example, AI and ML are client-side thanks to TensorflowJS and Mediapipe

  • It saves infrastructure costs
  • solves some issues related to performance
  • And what is the most important it enables privacy
ℹ️ When you use MetaGymLand with your WebCam 🎦 all the data stays with you
ℹ️ You are not sending to us your webcam stream

the pose detection is done on the edge, so your device

Challenges we ran into

  • smooth switching between webcams and not breaking the AI model
  • integrations of various tech together:

TensorFlow, Phaser, and Blockchain tech were challenging but interesting at the same time

  • Coming up with a good GameFi concept is not an easy thing

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Good UX
  • Beautiful design
  • Smooth integration of quite a lot of tech
  • MetaGymLand ended up being a very unique and original concept

What we learned

  • tons of stuff about Blockchains
  • hybrid smart contracts idea of Chainlink
  • what are pins in ipfs
  • GameFi system design
  • and many more...

What's next for MetaGymLand

  • More randomized game mechanics and randomized level creation, such that we will not be dependent on the need to constantly add new minigames
  • chrome-extension where the user will be able to schedule MetaGymLand session to make

MetaGymLand is more of a productivity tool rather than a game

  • marketplace
  • implementation of GameFi concepts that were clarified during this hackathon


MetaGymLand was born on Moralis Avalanche Hackaton in December 2021

So some initial work was done there

Although we did a tone of Improvements during the Chainlink Spring 2022 Hackathon like:

  • Whitepaper (GameFi, Tokenomics)
  • NFT minting with chainlink VRF for fair distribution
  • NFT traits
  • New NFT design
  • NFT details page, that shows the details and traits
  • Switch from ERC1155 to ERC721 for NFTs
  • better storage for our NFTs buy using filecoin
  • New NFT collection GymBuddies
  • Sustainable Play and Earn concept
  • Total rebrand and new product design

Contact us

If you want to collaborate, invest, or simply chat, please don't hesitate to contact us -

Join our Social Channels, you can find them here 👉

We are mostly active in our Discord 🙂

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