MeTag is the next gen. product that would enable users to share their public keys and socials and pay in crypto without any hassle of taking out their phone or using any other platform to share to believe on. We are creating a very stylish tag with a QR embedded on it, which would have all the public keys/ socials/ eth linked. With the help of this, they could connect with people more quickly, and MeTag makes connecting in the new era easier and futuristic.

Connecting 🔗: Connecting with enthusiasts at meet-ups & events is now just a scan away.

Paying 💵: We make crypto payments hassle-free; no need to copy and paste public keys; just scan and pay!

Update 🔔: With the help of EPNS help, users are notified whenever they get anything credited/ debited.

Streaming Money 📈: Send money over time with the integration with Superfluid & MeTag.

Searching 🌍: Having all the public keys in a single place will help MeTag users save time searching for different keys alongside.

Control 🔒: MeTag serves you with total control of your data and privacy. You can change the visibility of your address anytime you want and can edit them anytime you need.

Apparel: 🎯 We are trying to make Web3 as funky and fashionable, imagining MeTag as an accessory.

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