RoboTaxi, Sustainability, Metaverse

What it does

We created a web app that allows you to simulate a real-world environment of ordering RoboTaxis in the city center of Munich. You can see how a fleet of automated cars moves the city, what the taxi distribution looks like, and can even experience a virtual ride!

How we built it

We used MapBox GL JS to get a 3D representation of the streets of Munich and combined it with a powerful API to fill the streets with RoboTaxis and metaverse characters of real people. A strong routing engine underlying the API provides the necessary scalability and reliability when it comes to distributing the autos among clients. We built a web app that combines the Metaverse and the experience users on a mobile phone would have to take part in it. We built the frontend with ReactJS and Material UI.

Challenges we ran into

Complete lack of sleep. Stacking UI elements require strong nerves.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

2 days easting pizza exclusively and still fit. Just kidding. The thing actually WORKS! The project is enormous and most it is functional by Sunday morning. What an effort!

What we learned

Time management is key. Learning it at every hackathon. Also, a good team makes the time much more enjoyable.

What's next for MetaDrive

🚀🚀🚀 to the moon (a virtual one)

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