Our inspiration was about empowerment. Empowerment to the artist, the fan base and those who support them.

Our decentralized application facilitates connectivity between artists and fans through a streamlined events framework. It allows fans to have closer connections to the artists they love and allows artists to be able to get feedback about how their art impacts their fans and the world. It allows creates and event ecosystem to allows those who support artistic event to have information that helps them better serve the artists and the fan.

It was built using solidity for backend, web3, and bootstrap for the front end.

Understanding the domain more comprehensively. It would be good to understand the knowledge domain better.

We are proud of our ability to take such a large group of diverse thinkers

We learned a lot about the blockchain, Ethereum, Solidity and teamwork.

Hopefully working towards a workable demo and progression towards being disruptive in the art event space.

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