The Inspiration

Cloud storage is expensive (at least not cheap). $10 a month for 1TB of storage (the cheapest paid pan Dropbox has) isn't reasonable when you only need about 100GB (which isn't availaible for free on any reputable provider). However, it's easy to get 100GB of storage in the cloud by dividing it across lots of providers. That would be great, except no cloud sync client easily supports doing this in a seamless manner. Also, many cloud sync clients are missing important features, like synchronizing any folder (i.e. not ~/Dropbox) Linux support, or end-to-end encryption.

Enter Metacloud. Metacloud is an advanced sync client that supports seamlessly splitting directories between providers, synchronizing any folder, Linux, and end-to-end AES encryption. Any power user who needs a moderate amount of space can, using Metacloud, consolidate all of their digital storage into one folder. They can then, through editing the JSON configuration file or using our GUI configurator, seamlessly encrypt and backup any files on their hard drive.

Our Favorite Features

Metacloud supports several advanced features other than splitting directories between providers

  • InfiniBox
    • Metacloud has unique the ability to encode a file's contents as directories. Cloud storage providers, including Dropbox, don't count the size of file and folder names into a user's quota. Therefore, we can encode as much data as we want as folder names, gaining us infinite free storage on most cloud storage sites


  • Transparent encryption

    • Metacloud includes support for automatically encrypting all files with AES-256 while uploading and downloading. This gives users much more security than is generally availaible on consumer-oriented cloud storage providers.
  • Sync any folder

    • Sync any folder has historically only been available on a few providers, such as SugarSync. Synchronizing any folder allows users to move some or all of their files to the cloud without changing their organization scheme.

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