Throughout the world, health systems and health institutions face some major common problems: inefficiency in data processing, privacy issues, and lack of incentives to improve these systems.

What it does

Combining clinical experience and web3 talent, a group of Chainlink Advocates (and friends) with a common desire to revolutionize this archaic system, proposes a solution to return true control over their data to patients, and providing an additional incentive to share them securely, while improving their health.

How we built it

We conceived the concept of the Data Digital Twin (DDT). This dynamic NFTs-based avatar system allows verified medical information to be automatically replicated in the patients’ digital twin and optimizes the management of this valuable asset. Therefore, patients are the maximum beneficiaries, and society reaps the fruits of this flow of information and this incentive to improve our health.

Challenges we ran into

The tandem integration - Google app scripts-external adapter-CL node-dynamic NFT - proved to be a huge challenge.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Successfully connecting external adapters, and interacting with Google App-scripts.
  • Setting up our chainlink node and making it work with the data flow input.

What we learned

During development we realized that, sometimes, less is more (especially when dealing with different interfaces and web3/web2 integrations). We also understood that healthcare data banks do not have to be centralized silos isolated from each other, and Chainlink's automation tools have a lot to say in this vitally important industry. Besides, we learned a lot about external adapters integration, chainlink nodes, and dynamic NFTs metadata management.

What's next for MetaCare

For the MetaCare project, the Chainlink fall 2022 hackathon is not the end, but just the beginning:

  • We're already working on the browser app and the integration of the vast amount of different sources and types of health data input.
  • We're in conversations with several potential partners that may enhance the MetaCare experience both for users and healthcare institutions.
  • We're developing a revolutionary rewards-based incentives program, allowing patients to achieve these rewards by reaching certain personalized health targets.
  • We're planning to go beyond the limits of the healthcare metaverse with MetaCare, through a 3D gamified learning experience that enhances health literacy and education.

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