Current resting metabolic rate calculators are not person specific. For many, these rates will consistently be off by up to 100s of kilocalories because they do not calculate the rate from trials.

What it does

It calculates the resting metabolic rate based on a personal dataset. Calories are solely responsible for fat gain and sodium accounts for water weight gain. Using these ideas, we formulated a way to account for both in trials that the user enters. Current methods of other calculators only incorporate factors that affect the metabolic rate, but our method calculates the rate based on the specific person, finding what works for them rather than guessing.

How we built it

Based on current research, 3500 kcal attributes to 1 lb of fat gain. Using this proportion, we determined each piece of data's contribution to weight gain.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Pulling upon current research on metabolic rates to calculate the trial tested metabolic rate.

What's next for the Person Specific Resting Metabolic Rate Calculator

Updating user interface is a priority. Incorporation with current fitness apps, such as MyFitnessPal by UnderArmour, as many log this data here. Different macronutrients also can be incorporated, although these have not been seen to have a large effect on weight gain and loss.

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