We got inspired by the websites like Reddit and quora how they bought people from around the globe together despite them being simpler than other social media apps

What it does

it connects the student body of Hitam

How we built it

We plan to create it with the help of HTML to structure the web page and its content. CSS is used for defining the styles for web pages. And JavaScript For to make web pages interactive.

Challenges we ran into

we struggled to maintain our originality and design the forum to be unique and useful at the same time for it to be attractive to youth.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

we are very proud to create something from our minds and bring it to life

What we learned

we learned that every website or application no matter what it may be has a lot of thought put into it by its creators

What's next for Meta Hitam

we wish to upgrade our website in response to suggestion and expand it to a larger user base and to make it the best version of itself

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