The recent mass shooting in Las Vegas and the resulting reporting about mass shootings and homicides in the USA motivated the team to create an experiential way to visualize and explore data, and to reveal nuances of the factors underlying and resulting from crime in America's cities.

What it does

Meta Data allows the user to explore collections of data about incidents of homicide and other capital crimes in a geo-located environment. Drilling down into a specific incident gives the user a street-level perspective of the scene of the crime and additional information about the event drawn from many publicly available sources.

How I built it

With Unity and the Meta2 AR platform, with the addition of MapBox for mapping and street-level geometry.

Challenges I ran into

Various challenges around the hardware platform, and design challenges around how to present data and what data to present at the different levels of the experience.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The product achieved a significant part of the vision and serves as a good proof of concept.

What I learned

We learned how to work with the Meta; some of us increased our Unity skills; and we all learned a lot about the ideas around presenting and correlating data, and making data meaningful.

What's next for Meta Data

To fully realize the vision of Meta Data, the product should be able to draw from additional data sources in real time and present a fully realized street view experience.

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