MetaConnect Mission Statement

Obtaining ETH and installing a web3 wallet is a huge barrier to entry up front. It's clear that the space is ready for a smooth user onboarding experience. We believe this UX will be powered with gasless abstractions like meta transactions and temporary accounts.

The main thesis behind seamless onboarding is presenting the user with the heart of the application first while hiding away an ephemeral account and meta transactions. In MetaConnect, you create connections on-chain by physically sharing a digital business card in the form of a signed meta transaction. As you build a social narrative behind your throwaway account, you are incentivized to start learning about how to protect it.

It's incredibly easy to educate a user about a seed phrase after it is safeguarding something they have earned rather than blocking them from the Dapp until they sign up with web3. We've onboarded them from the inside out.

MetaConnect, a useful web2 application for exchanging contacts in person at conferences, is also a fantastic way to demonstrate how web3 user experiences should work. We seamlessly onboard users into Ethereum by providing value first and education second.

User Flow

  1. Alice presents Bob with a signed meta transaction in the form of a QR code.

  2. Bob follows the QR code into and also signs it.

  3. Behind the scene, we submit the meta transaction on-chain to a stateless contract (and we pay the gas) triggering an event representing the "meta connection".

  4. Alice and Bob now have each others' contact info and their on-chain social connections have grown without ever touching a web3 wallet. This works in mobile safari.

  5. As social connections grow, Bob is incentivized to protect his network and follow education around downloading a wallet and obtaining ETH.

  6. Bob is ready to go full-crypto and deploy an identity contract that can leverage M of N social recovery using a fraction of his on-chain social connections made with MetaConnect.

More Information & Smart Contract

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