Meta Commerce

What it is

Images are used on nearly every website, yet we never use them to their full potential. Every image contains useful metadata that describes different aspects of itself. Meta Commerce aims to capitalize upon this feature by embedding important product information such as title, price, and seller. By doing this, we can simplify the selling process online. In general, the concept is to standardize metadata and categorize images commonly used throughout the internet.

How I made it

The core of this project is a Chrome extension that scans images, extracts their metadata, and determines if the extracted data meets the standard requirements to be an Ecommerce product. In addition, I wrote a short batch script to take in user data that will be formatted and embedded into the image with the help of some external libraries. I also used Braintree to handle 'payments'.

The Coleman Foundation

What is the problem you’re solving?

I am solving the issues/difficulties that arise as a result of too many Ecommerce solutions. By utilizing and standardizing metadata in images, data can be easily passed around between various Ecommerce platforms.

Who are users and/or customers?

The ultimate target for this product would be sellers and Ecommerce platforms. Sellers will have a simplified posting experience while Ecommerce platforms will also have an easier way to manage various listings.

What’s currently missing that they need and which your solution provides?

They are missing a generic way to create a posting for a product to sell. Meta Commerce provides a standardized way to transfer data via image metadata.

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