Meta Blocks: The NFT Evolution Protocol

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The NFTs have taken the world by a storm, but a lingering question at the back of everyone's mind is "Did I just pay that much for a JPEG?"

We found out that an NFT's traits are valued more than the NFT itself. For example, when JayZ bought a Crypto Punk, all other punks with similar traits appreciated in value.

This inspired us to build Meta Blocks, to change what an NFT means.

What are Meta Blocks and how do they work?

Meta Blocks are essentially a collection of Meta NFTs (traits) that combine to generate a unique and evolving avatar. If NFTs are molecules, then think of Meta Blocks as atoms.

We enable you to mint a free base layer and then participate in drops to purchase Meta Blocks (traits) across 3 categories: Skills, Apparel and Vocals.

How it works

Users can freely trade and swap their Meta Blocks to evolve their avatar.

Eventually, users will also be able to import traits to their Meta Blocks avatar from the NFTs they own.

We use a dynamic contract that stores Data not Renders. Hence, every new Meta Block is reflected in the contract.


We're bringing real-world utility to NFTs via Meta Blocks.

Meta Blocks Use Cases

1- Unique stickers generated from your Meta Blocks can be used on web2 apps like Telegram and Whatsapp. Think of it as NFT based Bitmoji.


2- Auto-generate podcasts from text from the vocal Meta Blocks you own.


3- Auto-generate visual content like fashion shows, music videos, virtual travel vlogs, gameplay reactions and more.


4- Gaming SDKs / 3D models Open source 3d meshes and traits info will enable game developers to encode NFT traits into game characters.

Gaming SDKs


Once we knew what we wanted, we started building. Our first thought was to pursue this idea on Ethereum, however, given that each upgrade is a 'transaction', Ethereum was out of the question with its high gas fees. Solana's swift transaction speed, low costs and high liquidity inspired us to build on Solana.

Our team's vetted experience in production and marketing pushed us to position Meta Blocks both as a protocol and as a product. We believe once we have an audience of web2 users, there'll be a vacuum attracting developers to build apps and games on the Meta Blocks and chase the dream of Metaverse.

The opportunities presented by the concept of upgradeable NFTs are virtually endless. We want Meta Blocks to be a self-sustained digital economy that's closely connected to our real world.

Thanking Our Community


Getting a project like this started entails a lot of work and enthusiasm. So we've decided to give away our first mainnet drop EXCLUSIVELY to those who vote for us at the Solana Ignition Hackathon as a token of our gratitude.

Follow the instructions on the link below and we will send you our first drop when it is ready.

Claim First Drop (on Gleam)

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