Create, Collaborate, and DJ with your friends on the same track and in real time! Introducing MAESTRO!


Want the have the capability to create music, collaborate making a live piece with your friends, all while making it sound good no matter what your musical skill level is!? Introducing Maestro! The App that allows you and your friends to collaborate together to become the Maestros and DJs of one single song that is being made and played in real time!

What it does

It's simple, a group of people collaborate together to create one live piece! To do so, each user has access to knobs that control the volume of each individual track that plays a part in creating one whole song, all whilst a visualizer API helps produce both an auditory and visual experience for the audience that want to tune in to the piece being made live. Example, player A can have control of the drums, while player B can play with the synth instruments in a track to create a live, unique, and dynamic piece that sounds good no matter what since all the tracks are in sync from the start!

How we built it

We used Logic Pro to edit and chop up the samples that we wanted to demo. We used Solace as a message broker in the backend in order to communicate with each musician/collaborator! The frontend was built in React and Javascript. We also used a visualizer API to create visuals that sync up with the auditory wave forms/frequencies.

Challenges we ran into

1) Chopping up the samples perfectly in order for the tracks to properly sync up no matter what 2) Deciding whether we were going to only assign a specific number of faders to each collaborator or if we wanted to provide all the track controls to all of them to help prevent delays when talking with the back end. 3) In other words, our main obstacle has been to find ways to make sure the music always sounds good and in sync, no matter what the collaborators do during the live performance!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Making a Hack with music! Music is something our whole team is passionate about. So having the opportunity to get creative and have a good time while making it makes it that much more fulfilling for us! Not forgetting to mention, we think it's pretty cool to collaboratively DJ with your friends!

What we learned

We learned how to combine Music production/Sound design with programming! We learned how to set up the Solace backend, which we never worked with before!

What's next for Maestro

So far we've only focused on user control of amplitude/volume in regards to the creation process. The next step would be to collaboratively add effects to each track by individuals playing live on the same track. Another step would be to replace amplitude with automation of equalizers so we have full control of the frequencies being filtered in each track, in real time! Lastly being able to add in live one shots (single sample audio triggers), to add in dynamic sounds amongst the looped tracks would also make this an even more collaborative platform for creating :)

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