Have you ever called for help in discord only to find a whole lot of nothing in response? Or, have you simply not known the right question to ask? Introducing Messiah Bot, a NLP solution to connecting people in need of help with those will the skills to resolve their issues.

What it does

The Messiah Bot is a Discord bot that listens for people asking help via some fancy natural language processing done with Spacy. When it detects someone asking for help, it queries its list of stored biographies people have submitted to find the most relevant one using a document comparison algorithm. Once the most relevant user to assist has been determined, the asker is notified that the algorithm has found someone who should be able to help and gives the asker the helper's Discord info. Users can also tell the bot to forget their biography if they no longer want to participate.

How we built it

We made a Discord bot that listens to chat and detects whether someone is asking for help by way of NLP techniques with Spacy. Then, it cross references a locally stored biography storage and uses sentence comparison to find the most relevant helper.

Challenges we ran into

-Determining most relevant NLP technique -Making the discord bot talk

Accomplishments that we're proud of

-Brushing back up on our NLP skills

What we learned

-How to leverage the power of Spacy

What's next for Messiah Bot

-Deploying to cloud -Improving NLP backend

Built With

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