What it does

Here's how it works! In this prototype, user can enter an Amazon URL and the bot will save that data. Once a data, the backend will run a script and see if the price has lowered. If it has, the bot sends a message to the user about it!

How I built it

We used Facebook's Messenger API with webhooks to get data like the inputted URL and to index user IDs. We then put this data in database in Google's Firebase. A Python script in the backend would read this data, scrap through it, and make changes. If any desired change is seen, front-end will rev up and show the user the difference in price observed.

Challenges I ran into

We ran in a lot of challenges, the most with deployment on heroku, since we had to deploy the whole front-end script to heroku to test it. Another big challenge was getting our backend script to parse data in any kind of page of Amazon.

What's next for Messenger Price Check

We want to use this app for not only Amazon but any other retail website you would like to keep a price check on.

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