This project was made out of necessity after discovering the utility of dialog interfaces to communicate complex ideas: my business (Cologne.Dog, Inc.) required a conversational interface to express this need. Further, I have physician friends and others who can benefit from this AI powered interface that I wanted to help. This project is a convenience form for me to share conversational dialog technology, and make it easy to deploy, for those without the ability to write programs.

What it does

MessengerUp™ optimizes the creation process for generating conversational dialog applications. The copyrighted and patent-pending interface is designed specifically for building conversational, instructional, educational, scheduling, and e-commerce Messenger applications. Users build their entire applications and download it for free. The production version of MessengerUp™ offers turnkey deployment services at the lowest fees starting at $5 per month.

How I built it

This project contains four components: (1) Facebook Messenger application template with custom delimiters for dynamic source code generation; (2) client interface and application logic that receives user defined flow and views, and converts them to specifications; (3) Build system that translates user defined inputs to a Node.js Facebook Messenger application, and; (4) Production services including port discovery, certificate management, monitoring, and other services.

Components 1 - 3 are available at:

Challenges I ran into

The build system would block the interface and cause timeouts when multiple requests were made at once. The solution required a serverless style operation where each build would run on its own process. A functional remedy was to store the builder service as an image, and create self removing containers that operated on a one to one basis for generating the source code. Furthermore, this style facilitates seamless transition to a queue or scheduler based system if scalability becomes an issue.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

This project simplifies the non-trivial process of developing user flows for conversational dialog applications, and makes it trivial. This was a great accomplishment that required a deep understanding of the pains of the average user who would benefit from this service. I am also pleased this service touches on system, networking, security, and other highly technical aspects involved in the creation of enterprise applications.

What I learned

This was the first scalable multi-tenant operational system I have developed, and glad I was able to finish in time.

What's next for messenger-commerce-bot

Building some traction, and finding funding to grow MessengerUp™ to a business that serves and benefits businesses, influencers, healers, and educators who are facing challenges in today's environment.

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