Best Friends Animal Society's mission is to bring about a time when there are No More Homeless Pets

They have an ambitious goal of reducing the death of homeless pets by 4 million/year (they are doing some amazing work in our local communities and definitely deserve more support from us)

How this project fits in

Originally, I was only focusing on a very specific feature (adoption helper).

But after conversations with awesome folks at Best Friends came a realization that bots can fit into a much bigger picture in how the organization is being run to not only save resources, but also increase engagement level and lower the barrier of entry points for strangers to discover and become involved with the organization (volunteering, donating, etc.)

This "design hack" comprises of seven different features and use cases for integrating Facebook Messenger Bot to address Best Friends's organizational and operational needs with full mockups and animated demos:

  1. Streamline volunteer sign-up process
  2. Save human resource with FAQ bot
  3. Lower the barrier for pet adoption
  4. Easier donations
  5. Increase visibility and drive engagement
  6. Increase local event awareness
  7. Realtime pet lost-and-found network

I also "designed" (this is a design hack right) the backend service architecture, which I'm happy to have discussions about too!

How I built it

def design_hack():
    s = get_sketch()
    m = s.make_awesome_mockups()
    k = get_apple_keynote()
    return k.make_beautiful_presentation(m)

Challenges I ran into

  • Coming up with a meaningful set of features that can organically fit into the existing organization
  • Resisting the urge to write code

What I learned

  • Unique organizational and operational challenges that Best Friends is facing
  • How to use Sketch
  • How to create quasi-prototypes with Keynote

What's next for Messenger Bots' Best Friends

  • Refine features and code :D

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