*** This is a game Preview, so Feedback is appreciated for better game *** Full game will be available this summer for Gear VR, Cardboard, Oculus Rift and Vive.

  • Thanks for the great feedback I get from the VR community so far.


Enjoyable VR Immersive experience. Travelling to the Medieval time for adventures. The city is under attack, your commander send you in a very important mission to deliver a message to the King asking for enforcement ASAP before the city fall in the hand of the enemy. When you are leaving the city an enemy knight spotted you. He is trying to catch you and get the message.

What it does

  • It is a runner game to deliver a message to the King.
  • It is infinite game, automatically generate track. never end.
  • Speak with Everilda,
  • Characters Animation and LipSync for more immersive experience.
  • Switch between Fist Person View and 3rd Person view for more immersive experience.

How I built it

Using Unity, C#, JavaScript, Oculus Mobile SDK and Photoshop works - Built for Samsung Gear VR

Challenges I ran into

  • Keep Frame rate over 60
  • Reduce apk file size for submission in SideloadVR

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

optimize meshes, materials and programming to deduce draw calls under 35 for all Scenes to keep60 FPS all the time

What I learned

  • VR Optimization,
  • MoCap (Motion Capture with Kinect) and animation smoothing (60 FPS)
  • LipSync

What's next for Message to the King

  • Create missions and stops. More conversation with characters in each stop
  • Multi levels and achievements
  • More playgrounds.


  • Required Bluetooth Gamepad The game is compose of 3 scenes
  • Scene 1: Everilda is talking to you asking you to take the message to the king to save the city. You have to leave the village to continue to scene 2 in any direction. You navigate using the analog controller of the gamepad.
  • Scene 2: is the game Main Menu to start play the game, select Run.
  • Scene 3: You are in the road running to deliver the message to the king facing obstacles all the way. Game speed increase when you reach some milestones; at 500 and 1000. Gamepad control: Y: Jump A: Roll B: Right X: Left Fire1, Fire 2 and Fire3: Throw weapon, Toggle between First Person Camera(recommended for immersive experience) and Third Person Camera.

Feedback is appreciated for better game. Enjoy the experience!

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