We were given a list of libraries to use during our MLH Hackathon. We loved the idea of passing secret messages through a query string using the QS library. The message sender can even remain anonymous and send the message using our integrated Twilio messaging feature.

What it does

Allows users to turn a message into a URL link that can be sent to a recipient via SMS or by copy and pasting into the communication platform of your choice

How we built it

Server app was built using Node & Express, with Base64 to encode the message and QS to generate the url. We used Twilio to send the url via SMS. The client was built using React and Bootstrap

Challenges we ran into

Passing the proper data to the server from the client side, incorporating Twilio messaging, styling. We also learned the hard way how important it is to configure .env & .gitignore files to prevent sharing sensitive data

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Getting it to work! It was very exciting to see our endpoints working and it was cool to receive our first text message from Twilio!

What we learned

DON'T UPLOAD API KEYS TO GITHUB!!! Seriously, we learned to always set up a gitignore & .env file

What's next for Message Passer

Deploying it to Netlify, adding tests, fixing several bugs involving local storage

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