Many students find themselves on the observing side of video conferencing. We envisioned this game as a satire of what the other side of the experience is. People face so many daily annoyances in these calls, so why not make something fun out of it!

What it does

In this game you are the mod for a chaotic 4 person video conference. You have the ability to control your screen, as well as mute, turn off other's cameras, and kick people from the call. Your boss sets you up on the gauntlet to survive the meeting without getting you fired. Things that can get you fired involve being too slow to fix others cams, not responding in chat, and so many other possibilities. As of now, the buttons as well as the pivotal survival timer are functioning.

How we Built it

Mess up Mod was built using Phaser 3 as well as HTML, CSS, and Javascript. This allows the game to be played in browser giving the user the full conference call experience. One of our members also created 90% of the assets on their own, and everything else is referenced in a text file in the Github.

What Issues Did You Come Across?

There was an issue creating text fields using phaser and some issues setting up phaser for a few of our group members. On top of this, we ran a little low on time so we couldn’t integrate some features.


Being that this was our first time using phaser and some group members first time programming in these languages, we did our best to overcome that challenge.

What’s Next for Mess Up Mod?

Next we could continue to improve upon the game. Features like an anger meter for the boss, multiple funny animations when participants turn on their cameras, and more difficulty levels with faster interactions could all be included.


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