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  • As CS and DS students who strived to learn from scratch, we understand how demotivating the intro to programming sometimes be. As a result, we decided to create a new project to alleviate this problem for newcomers, which is also influenced by our previously build chatbot: UBCchat.
  • Also the name is inspired from a joke in How I Met Your Mother.

What it does

In order to incorporate teaching into chatbot (or the other way round), the project serves as a chatbot that provides a tutorial to create more chatbots. Users can access it with Facebook Messenger, then follow instructions and steps to create fully-functional chatbots. On top of that, the created chatbots are customizable, so learners have some control and interaction with their products rather than merely completing a fixed achievement.


  • Facebook Individual Review has been closed due to Covid 19, therefore, I can not publish the chatbot.
  • Heroku server will shut down without any action (Resolve).
  • Facebook Graph API provides too little requests.
  • Facebook Graph API's upgrades are a little bit confusing.


  • Implemented Typescript.
  • Built a Music Discord Template to support this app.
  • Wrote a tutorial to deploy this app as well as the Music Discord Bot.
  • New personalized persistent menu implemented.

What we learned

Originally, we wanted to use Javascript for the project. However, as soon as the project started, we opted to try Typescript as a new approach. Nevertheless, we learned significantly about debugging and Facebook Graph API. These valuable experiences will surely help us create better applications in the future.

What’s next

  1. Messenger Bot deployment.
  2. A more advanced Discord Bot Template.
  3. Code rearrangement for better understanding and maintenance.

Important note

If you need to try the bot, please contact me so I can give you the developer role in order to experience the bot.


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