Inspiration and What it does

We often go out with a lot of amazing friends for trips, restaurants, tourism, weekend expedition and what not. Every encounter has an associated messenger groupchat. We want a way to split money which is better than to discuss on the groupchat, ask people their public key/usernames and pay on a different platform. We've integrated them so that we can do transactions and chat at a single place. We (our team) believe that "The Future of money is Digital Currency " (-Bill Gates), and so, we've integrated payment with Algorand's AlgoCoins with the chat. To make the process as simple as possible without being less robust, we extract payment information out of text as well as voice messages.

How I built it

We used Google Cloud NLP and IBM Watson Natural Language Understanding apis to extract the relevant information. Voice messages are first converted to text using speech-to-text. We complete the payment using the blockchain set up with Algorand API. All scripts and database will be hosted on the AWS server

Challenges I ran into

It turned out to be unexpectedly hard to accurately find out the payer and payee. Dealing with the blockchain part was a great learning experience.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

that we were able to make it work in less than 24 hours

What I learned

A lot of different APIs

What's next for Mess-Blockchain-enger

Different kinds of currencies, more messaging platforms

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