A lot of small businesses in my country continue to be small for a long time. Not that they don't want to grow but expanding means more funding. A great way to get more funding will be to access meaningful and affordable credit facilities from financial institutions and suppliers. Who would like to grant such an offer to a business who's financial records are not tracked properly?

What it does

Currently the app allows users to record sales, and revenue transactions. There is a feature to track cash, cash equivalent and bank balances. It generates a report of financial performance that can be used to access favorable credit facilities.

How I built it

I'm a code newbie but my skills are developed around HTML, CSS, JavaScript and reactJs. Using react was the best way for me to build the app. I used a number redux for my state management and react router for running the page components. Recharts javascript library came in handy for the charts.

Challenges I ran into

Being a newbie means learning a lot of things. There were a number of concepts in react and javascript and a whole i did not really understand before. This required that i learned these principles on the go. This is the biggest project i have worked on and sometimes i wanted to forgo some features just to escape certain things. But i figured the fastest way to learn was on the project. I had other challenges like time barriers since i have a day job as a finance officer.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

This app is not perfect but its the biggest thing i have built. A year ago i had no idea event what HTML & CSS was. Finding a problem and building something to solve it is something i'll always be proud off. I know by next year i would have built better apps but for now this app makes me feel like an avenger.

What I learned

What's next for Mesika

I'm trying to polish up some of the features. I am currently getting my hands dirty with google's firebase platform. I'm going to hook it up with firebase and reach out to some small businesses in my neighborhood.

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