We often find ourselves in a situation where we meet a lot of new people, but don't have the time to go around and ask all of them for their contact information.

What it does

It uses the apple peer to peer connectivity framework to connect users who are within a certain radius of one another, and enable them to see one another's contact information. You may then add them (natively) to your contacts, as well as directly send emails, call them, send calendar invites, and much more.

How I built it

As of now, meshwurk is an ios app built in swift, with a backend built in node.js and hosted on heroku.

Challenges I ran into

Due to undocumented bugs in the p2p connectivity framework, some of the features we had planned to add were not added. Certain social networks use dynamic ids for user accounts, making it more difficult to detect user profiles from a static string. This becomes difficult because integrations of multiple apis is required.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The backend team learned how to build a proper api using node, without having prior knowledge. The ios team was successfully able to integrate the connectivity framework, and ran into a surprisingly low number of problems.

What I learned

SQL query syntax and uses. Hashing of passwords and proper encryption in order to store them in a database. How to build a RESTful api in node js.

What's next for Meshwurk

We plan to add several features such as the ability to create facegroup groups, group calendar events, and mailing lists based on sessions.

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