As busy students, we often miss out on opportunities at career fairs, club fairs, and similar events. We wanted to make an application to make these social/learning events much more accessible.

What it does

Our app is designed to help people at events develop more personal relationships much more efficiently. The mobile app essentially acts as a beacon or receiver. One group will be sending out signals and the other will be receiving. When the receiver recognizes a signal, the phones will automatically swap information and store it. This allows for a quick exchange of information to avoid crowds and wasting time in line.

How we built it

We built the app for iOS using Swift, Linode, and Parse. Swift was used to develop the actual application and to set up the beacon/receiver bluetooth interaction. Information is also inputted through the swift application. The information is stored on a Linode server running Parse. When signals were detected, the information between the two users was swapped.

Challenges we ran into

We had difficulties getting iBeacon to work completely. In an ideal situation, we would have the app running in the background and still functioning 100%. We were eventually able to get it working, but we had to work around the issue by having the app be actively receiving/emitting signals. One of us had to learn Swift, so it was a bit slow at times.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

First iOS application.

What we learned

We learned about iBeacon, iOS app development, and the power of Haribo.

What's next for Mesh

Further developing the user interface to make it more user friendly. We would also like to include more features such as resume drops, interest tags, data analytics, etc. There are many possible applications and extensions for this application and we would love to develop this more.

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