Confluence is a great collaboration software particularly for sharing knowledge within teams

What it does

Our tool (Mesh Bayou) which is build using the Connect framework, enhances Confluence functionality by allowing teams to easily share, collaborate and consume 3D models. This is useful for companies working on Video Games, Architecture, Computer Aided Design, Educational institutions, e-commerce websites etc...

It is usually difficult to share 3D content between group of people because, in most cases only selected few have the required 3D modelling/viewer software needed to open the document. Our tool allow anyone to view the 3D models from a browser or in Augmented Reality, on Desktop (Windows, Mac, Linux) or Mobile (Android, Apple) immediately without installing any additional app.

Another example where this is useful, is in education, especially in the post Covid-19 world, a teacher can upload a 3D model and share in Augmented Reality with students who can access remotely from their PC, phones or tablets

How I built it

Using Connect Framework, Web technologies

Challenges I ran into

Implementing the back-end

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

It now works well

What I learned

How to optimize 3D models

What's next for Mesh Bayou

  • Adding support for animations
  • Adding 3D annotations
  • Adding audio
  • User comments
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