After creating some small dApps we realized that it was really hard to create application that have almost the same quality of current centralized application because dApps cannot communicates with any other technology (web 2.0 included)

What it does

It help you create an application on top of your dApp(s) to connect them to different services that can be decentralized and/or centralized. It bring you the possibility to use the best of those two worlds.

How we built it

We built it in golang with a focus on the developer experience first and favoriting a service and event oriented architecture.

Challenges we ran into

Still not a final version and for now the biggest challenge is to have adoption

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We released the first version which let you create your application with a full service oriented architecture and driven by events

What we learned

So many things, from software architecture to blockchain technology.

What's next for MESG

Next step is to be able to create your application without coding, just describing all the connections event -> tasks of your application and then make this all executions possible in a decentralized network where events can come from anywhere and tasks can be executed by anyone

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