It was excellent. We were already working on a HubSpot theme and this hackathon provided the inspiration we needed to create a fantastic one rather than a passable one.

What it does

Mesbiz is the perfect HubSpot theme for businesses of all sizes. It's easy to use, with 44 modules and 18 templates that make creating website pages a breeze. Creating a stunning website is easy with this multipurpose theme. Mesbiz makes it easy to create a website that represents a brand and showcases products or services. Plus, its professional design will give a business the edge it needs to stand out from the competition.

How we built it

We arranged a meeting with our team members when we wanted to develop a theme for HubSpot CMS. We all realize that we must produce a theme with the best user experience and design. At the same time, we decided to maintain high coding standards. Then, as part of our effort to make this project successful, we made a list of tasks that had to be completed.

Coming together as a team with a single goal has been a huge positive for the development of our project, and we acknowledge that. Our team members knew what they had to contribute, whether it was design work or coding, and were able to do so with ease. We all worked well together and complemented each other's strengths perfectly.

We wanted to focus on the layout and design of the theme so it completely follows best practices for coding. Also, we give our users 100% freedom to create an amazing website for their business without unnecessary HTML tags in the templates.

We've thrown in all of the necessary sections in the modules (44) list to allow website owners to quickly build relevant pages for their company by dragging and dropping them. It will save them money in terms of paying an additional developer.

Challenges we ran into

Our goal was to successfully complete all of our team member's plans. We attempted to verify or review that everything was proceeding as planned in each stage of our project. Our major challenge was to design and code a system that would allow us to easily extend the theme in future updates without creating any issue with our existing users. Finally, we accomplished it.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our team has been working with WordPress theme and plugin development for the last 8 years and more than 170,000 websites utilize our WordPress solutions.

From the last year, a part of our team members are working with HubSpot and this hackathon inspired us a lot. We want to contribute to the HubSpot community and We're really excited about the way this theme turned out and we believe it will be helpful to HubSpot CMS users.

What we learned

We learned a lot about an amazing teamwork culture and how each member of the group can successfully complete tasks in the shortest time possible. It was a great learning experience and we think we picked up some good tips from the HubSpot Blog.

What's next for Mesbiz

We'd like to expand on it and add more features, such as customizing colors, deeper integrations, landing pages, and design improvements. We also consider a client's complaint or feedback to be a gift. So, based on our client comments, we will make any required modifications.

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