Those who were born in the 80s know about what is was to be gamer in the 90s. Let's go back a few decades in time!

What it does

Mesa Viejuna or Retro Table, shows us thanks to the Augmented Reality an immersive experience of what was a classic gamer table. Old CRT Tube TV, NES and joystick were the only needed things to enjoy ourself!

How I built it

Thanks to many years involved in 3d games and render techniques, this filters shows a nice going effect. Together with pre-render wrapped texture and lights emissions from different sources, Mesa Viejuna provides a very close experience to reality.

Challenges I ran into

Augmented Reality is amazing technology but it also needs a little bit of art to make things come to life. The right position of lights, textures compatible with the environment, all those were challenges that only an artist could understand.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Very clean work, simple, immersive work.

What I learned

Spark AR is a very complete system and it's designer is quite simple. It has a very complete library with effect and processing.

What's next for Mesa Viejuna

The original idea was to be able to play a little bit with the object in the scene. The next step is to take for instance the Joystick and start to move Mario around.

SPECIAL THANKS TO NINTENDO, the images are art representation of the original copyright for Nintendo NES and Mario Bros

Built With

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