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Version 1.0 has been released to the Google Play Store! Check it out at:


Also, be sure to check out the app's website for the most up-to-date info and sign up for a free NFC trial kit:


Meru Lab Reference

We wanted to design an app that lets scientists, researchers and students access relevant NIST data on chemical species in a way that minimally interrupts their workflow. Our solution: allow users to link NFC tags with notes about a chemical species. Then, with a simple tap of an NFC tag, the most up-to-date information is presented quickly to the user.

Use this feature to keep track of the history of lab samples, while providing easy access to NIST data about that sample's constituent materials. Or engage students with an interactive periodic table that never goes out-of-date.

We've also worked hard to present the data in a meaningful, yet practical manner.

  • Search through species using common names, formulas or CAS numbers.
  • View basic element information such as atomic weights, ionization energies and isotope distributions in an intuitive manner
  • Interact with thermochemical data through dynamic plots
  • Access the accurate numbers in table form

We're excited to see how Meru Lab Reference can be used to enhance the experience and productivity of the working scientist and student. However you use Meru Lab Reference, you get the information you need at the tap of a tag.

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posted an update

Thanks to everybody involved with the competition, especially the Judges. A huge thanks to Heather too! Really excited with the features we have lined up to make Meru Lab Reference an indispensable tool for the working scientist!

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