CatHacks, Fall 2020


Our group was inspired to create a different kind of project, this hackathon. Something crazy, and festive, and so simple or redundant, it's useless! To this end, we give you: MERRY HACKTIVUS!

What It Does

This hack has the capability of recording your voice and returning it back to you, as well as playing a terrible version of "Jingle Bells", assuming you weren't already annoyed with the barrage of holiday music amidst the season. Not only does it give you the exact opposite of what you could want, but it doesn't even do anything with the recording you give it!

How We Built It

We built this hack using MIT AppInventor II, a form of block coding, after switching our original project over to something quite a bit different.

Challenges We Ran Into

The main challenges we ran into were finding non-copyrighted clipart and music, as well as trying to design a hack that was as useless and festive as possible without overcomplicating the matter. The solution: use the simplest possible platform for the simplest possible hack.

Accomplishments That We're Proud Of

Considering we decided to change our project last-minute, it's existence is a miracle, in and of itself, XD. Additionally, time zone constraints and the time limit really did us under.

What We Learned

We learned that not all .APK packages are equal, and that aiStarter for the Desktop is suffering. On a more serious note, however, we learned to commit earlier to projects in the future, and to have roles assigned from the get-go so that we aren't panic-rushing into a submission, later on.


No, this is pretty much it. To stay useless, it can't have more functionality, lest it become smart. However, perhaps adding onto the festive side of things could help...

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