This is inspired by Uniswap token Airdrop using Merkle-tree verification for cost efficiency bridge.

And also MinterToken for the idea that "being NFT minter is fun and rewarded, and SBT can be used for it"

I combined this two into a Merkle NFT bridge.

This has merit for the Moonbeam can accept Ethereum chain payments, and distribute NFT in Moonbeam chain in very efficient way.

What it does

  • Give SBT in the source chain in the initial user mint
  • Generate Merkle proof, verify it in the source chain, then transfer it to the target chain by Axelar.
  • User can claim or airdropped the NFT when the root is transferred to the target chain.

How we built it

Technical detail and local development is on GitHub


For cross-chain messaging, we use Axelar.

Challenges we ran into

  • I needed to learn how to use Axelar from scratch, so I attended workshops provided in the hackathon.
  • Axelar-related topic is hard to debug, so it took more time than expected.
  • I had no time to complete the frontend

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • We are successfully finished integrating Axelar
  • Merkle tree-related function is working fine

What we learned

  • New technology for the cross-chain messaging

What's next for MerkleNFTBridge

  • Try to implement this NFT issuing model to our client.

Built With

  • axelar
  • moonbeam
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