Originally created in 2011 for Windows 7, times before Apple Music and Google Music, as an app that allows to find and listen new music as easy as it can be. With hotkeys, Carl! The look and feel was deeply inspired by Zune and Windows Phone.

What it does

The main goal is to easily find and to listen your favorite music. And would be nice if you don't want to tear your eyes while using it so it must look good. It also has some nice features like Last.FM scrobbling, radio and recommendations. If you are too lazy to get up off your sofa it allows you to skip or to pause songs with your iPhone (or whatever phone you have), it's called RemotePlay. And it requires account.

What I learned

I got a lot of experience with Meridian of making good looking UI (it's was challenging) and developing music streaming apps (especially on mobile devices).

What's next for Meridian

I want to believe that someday Meridian will come to Android and iOS.

Built With

  • c#
  • universal-windows-platform
  • vk
  • vk-sdk
  • wpf
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