Our inspiration is the lack of a dedicated scouting tool for eSports. Traditional sports have tools such as, and it's about time eSports catches up!

What it does

Mercury provides a 2-way service for players and teams to find the right match for each other. Players get to post highlights and personal information, while teams get to view leaderboards and filter for players.

How we built it

Our website utilizes React to render all frontend components. These frontend components are then hosted on AWS S3, ready to serve clients. These components are also powered by AWS Lambda to serve various functions such as accessing our user information table in DynamoDB and hitting Riot's API.

Challenges we ran into

All of our team members took this opportunity to expand far beyond our comfort zones. We struggled with many topics including video embedding, AWS Lambda Applications, and hitting Riot's API. Thanks to our hackathon organizers, we had the resources we needed to make progress in all of these areas without the painful and demoralizing experience of wrestling with daunting new technology. As a team, we would like to specifically shout out Nick for being engaging and diligent with helping our team succeed.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Like many people, we fell into the trap of biting off more we could chew for the scope of a hackathon project. Nevertheless, it's only because of this that drove us to study fast and code faster. Again, like many people, this experience has been one of the most education-dense experiences. No matter where our project places after judging, we're here to learn and proud of the work we put in to learn everything we learned.

What we learned

Just scratching the surface, Weiming and I learned a lot about AWS personally. Luke and Selena tackled many front end topics and both of them learned tons about React and hitting REST APIs. But the reality is that every google search and every scan of documentation was another bit be learned.

What's next for Mercury

Mercury has a long way to go. For this weekend's hackathon, we put together components of the project we believed to be core to our mission. We had to cut out so many features we came up with during the drawing board phase such as an eSports news page centered around up and coming players, an entire page dedicated to detailing our mission statement to site-goers, and of course finishing up our advanced search feature. The most important coming feature for Mercury is the expansion into eSports other than League of Legends. Team Liquid is involved in 15+ eSports, so Mercury will too!

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