You are enjoying your journey on the road but in case of road accident or emergency there is ** • No Real time instant relief support by the people, hospitals and insurance organization for your precious life • Lack of real time data analytics to automate the insurance investigation which cut down time and fraud cases • No Call Control mechanism from browser to device at anywhere anytime to connect relief provider, helper and victim • No on-demand part manufacturing and emergency investigation process • No Motor vehicle live e-commerce. • Lack of human helping nature. • Real time traffic routing using context data set _italics_WHO states that worldwide the total number of road traffic deaths remains unacceptably high at 1.24 million per year .In which lack of traffic rule awareness and lack of instant relief process directly impact the death stats

What it does

Intelligent Sensor Data Analysis to Identify Emergency conditions. • Full duplex Alohar context based near field entity searching and notification to provide real time relief • Utilize Alohar’s historical statistics to optimize the help timing and insurance investigation process • Notify next alternate traffic path using context API to the other travelers in case of emergency • Integrated Genband communication as a service API for building a real time multimedia (Audio, video, text and gesture) n-way mesh channel to provide real time relief • Call controlling and routing within organization and end users • Real Time Insurance and Financial Transactions in IOT • Live Stream Recording and Predictive analysis • Context base Social Sharing, Reviews and Rewards

How I built it

Mercury is an intelligent IoE application which used vehicle sensor data and Alohar API features like as an input o Arrival and departure events for any place o Address of place o POI name and category of place o Change of location or movement within a location o User's current motion state (fast, slow, stationary) o Arrival time, departure time, and User-Stay duration o Places near user's current location

Analyze these data to generate different emergency events on the road Thanks to Whispr which trigger SMS, email, push, voice, chat, web, social, & rich messages. to near entities on the different emergency conditions.It introduces a revolution to search near field entities (geospacial search) and collaborates service providers, insurance companies, hospitals, res-ponders, victim using real time communication as a service. Our Call control mechanism route the call to connect the entities anywhere anytime. If needed, the archive of the multimedia live recording can be accessed later for reference in investigation and predictive analysis. It also provides social media sharing and interlinking to improve the helping nature of humans psychologically to build a better, safe planet.

Challenges I ran into

Network availability and context based analytics to identify the nearest object at the emergency location Few days ago we use simple messaging for notification but Thanks to whispir which solve the rich conversation problem

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Rich Messaging and notification in case of emergency Build Communication as a service for real time multimedia (Audio,video,text and gesture) n-way mesh channel Intelligent Sensor Data Analysis to Identify Emergency conditions. Handled Call controlling and routing Implemented Near Field Searching and Notification Provided Real Time Medical Relief Provided Real Time Insurance and Financial Transactions in IOT Live Stream Recording and Predictive analysis Clinical Data Analysis to provide better health services. Quick Damage Reporting Social Sharing, Reviews and Rewards

What I learned

IBM Bluemix Whispir real time and rich messaging Alohar Android API Context based data analytics Sensor data analytic Communication as a service for real time communication

What's next for Mercury Motion : The Real Time Life Saver

Integrate Watson API for semantic analysis
VR/AR base real time relief support , Rich Messaging and sync message in common communication channel, Social media presence base notification, Dynamic Traffic Routing, 3D object scanning, in emergency On-demand part manufacturing, On-demand part service Manufacturers Consultation

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