Digital receipts save great amounts of paper and water waste caused by typical recyclable paper receipts. In fact, completely skipping paper receipts would save 12 billion pounds of carbon dioxide. However, there is not a convenient manager for these digital receipts and they are often scattered throughout one's inbox. We wanted to create a do-it-all application that effectively stores and utilizes these receipts.

What it does

The program connects the NCR Order API to the point of sale system, generating a new order. From there, the project uses the SendGrid and Testmail email APIs to pass on the information, which is finally stored in a MongoDB. The frontend application, Nuxt, retrieves information from MongoDB and highlights the helpful data. Specifically, the program displays a map with markers located at each store where a purchase was made. Once clicked, each marker shows the store name and amount spent at that store. The program also has a pie chart that neatly shows the money distribution of all purchases. At the top of the dashboard page, there is a table consisting of merchant name, data, and total spent. The program also allows user to click on each purchase for further details. Each store also has its own loyalty programs page, where retail gamification is in full effect.

How we built it

We generated a point of sale (POS) simulator and hooked it up the order API. Simultaneously, the testmail and sendgrid APIs were made functional. We then established a connection with the MongoDB and created our connection information. The next step was to populate the Front End application using the retrieved data. We created and updates the necessary Node.js and Vue.js files. Specifically, we created a dashboard with pieChart, map, and loyalty components.

Challenges we ran into

The Mapbox API access token was not working, and it was difficult to fix rounding problems on chartJS as the values were stored as Strings in a list.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of our incorporation of the NCR Order API, and in general, we are proud of using a variety of tools.

What we learned

We learned how to operate the NCR Order API, the Mapbox API, the cruces of a Nuxt program, and the steps needed to connect a multi platform project.

What's next for Mercury

Use machine learning algorithms to offer suggestions based on user spending.

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