Inspiration & Origin

Mercury & Co is a platform to generate price history, visualize metrics, and automatic semantic notifications with context. Mercury & Co's name is derived from the Roman God Mercury, who is linked to the Latin word merx, reminiscent of merchandise, trade, and wages. We at Mercury strive to bring new levels of e-commerce to users through price metrics and a user-first platform.

Why Mercury? Unlike other e-commerce management panels, we can generate accurate price histories for other companies (hence the & Co!), even without any prior records. Furthermore, Mercury provides automatic semantic notifications and statistics with context on sales of items in your cart, without you lifting a finger. Our platform will guide you to the best dates, locations, and easiest ways to get what you want for less. Mercury is a responsive platform that aims to bring a new lens to e-commerce worldwide.

Key Features

  1. Universal Price History - Mercury can provide price history records for any e-commerce site, whether or not they have existing records or not.
  2. Visualize metrics - We call on Wolfram Alpha to output attractive, informative graphs with tangible data derived from past prices, competitors, and web activity.
  3. Omnichannel Presence - As a responsive web app, we cover the full spectrum of devices. Maximizes conversion rates by enhancing the shopping experience.
  4. Semantic Notifications - All of our data collected is presented in a matter that is understandable and relevant. Instead of spamming you every time a price fluctuates, Mercury understands the context and lets you know when it matter.
  5. Check-out - Mercury compares the prices of different brands and stores and walks you through the check out process. Either order online or find your local store.

Challenges & Comebacks

Calibrating the price tracking process was complicated since websites regularly make large updates to websites which move elements around. In addition, learning Wolfram was slow progress, but with several hours of mentorship we proved successful.

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