The biggest challenges pharmaceutical companies are facing today include:

  • Shipment visibility
  • Batch expiration tracking
  • Inventory management
  • Order management

We set out to tackle these issues by creating an intuitive visualization of pharmaceutical supply chain data hosted on the Google Cloud Platform. For this project we utilized the blockchain API provided by Merck & Co.

What it does

  • Pulls data from Merck's Blockchain API.
  • Sorts and organizes batch shipment attributes.
  • Creates an interactive map-based data visualization model
  • Provides a sortable, searchable table interface for shipping data
  • Website runs on the Google Cloud Platform.

How we built it

python, js, html, css, golang

Biggest challenge we ran into

  • Most of Merck's 200 sample data entries shared attributes (e.g. most were at coords [0, 0])
    • We generated our own fake Merck data set using randomization in python and publicly available data on the 1000 most populated American cities

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Creating interactive geographical map model without experience in html, js, css, etc.
  • Beautifying supply chain data with frontend design
  • Developing thorough understanding of Merck's blockchain-api, deciphering shipment data

What we learned

js, bootstrap, html, domain management

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