helping art and cultural institutions (museum, art gallery) also street artists from Covid-19 impact that decrease their revenue. we think we can help them with collaborating to make cool stuff. so that's why Merchseum was created.

What it does

create a unique design merch with style transfer between artist artwork and user photo

How we built it

We train the model using PyTorch through sagemaker notebook and colab and convert the model to onnx for OpenCV and make it accessible with flask. also, we use printful API for make mockup and soon make it print on demand

Challenges we ran into

It’s the first time for us to learn deep learning (thank you PyTorch) so it takes time for us to complete this project.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

we know the importance of Math and Statistic in our life (for Deep Learning)

What we learned

Pytorch, Deep Learning, Patience (for training the good model)

What's next for Merchseum

  • connect to the payment
  • more Print on Demand merch (Pillow, Case, Bag, Tee, Many More)
  • make an affiliate program so user and artist can make money together
  • artists can train their artwork by Merchseum platform

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