Rolling out ISE and access-policies across large organizations has required me to spend a lot of time on creating various scripts to collect client data to build the policies. After and during the rollout it has also been useful as a sanity check.

I've also had customers ask "where are all our videos servers, credit card terminals (and so on) located." This tool gives easy access to all that information, and doesn't required users to look at each network in the organization or even get access to the dashboard.

Waiting for a script to collect all client data can take hours for large organizations, so putting it in a database and query that is a timesaver.

What it does

Provides an interface to search for clients across the entire organization. It also logs all events for the database synchronization to a Webex room as well as allows users to share the search result in the Webex room as a CSV file.

How I built it

Its a Django Application running on Heroku. Bootstrap frontend.

Challenges I ran into

The larges challenge was figuring out to run the database synchronization in Heroku using a worker since it can take so long. Another issue was handling the logging to Webex using threading and a logging table.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

It looks great!


URL: user: demo password: ilovemeraki

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