Looking for a place to lodge in for a trip? A teacher for tuition? A place to offer your services? Or an emergency response team in your locality?


MeraCity is an Open and Crowdsourced Web and Mobile Solution to create Public Access to all the Public, Private, Civil Society, and Individual Services and resources offered in any City. These services include, but are not limited to:

  • Government Institutions and Ministries
  • Hospitals, * Police, * Emergency Response & Relief Services, * Social Programs
  • Hospitality Services, * Telecom Services, *Private firms, *Businesses, *Retailers, *Banks,
  • Civil societies, *Foundations, *Trusts, *Community & Charity Organizations)
  • NGOs and NPOs (national and international)
  • Individuals, * Lawyers, * Contractors, *Developers, *Teachers, *Artists, *Craftsmen, etc.


If you need to find a hospital, educational institution, restaurants, or an emergency help service provider in your city, you can simply find it on MeraCity.

  • Just select the service category and your city, MeraCity will provide you a list of government registered service providers in that category and city.
  • You may select a service provider on the basis of the ranking developed by actual users feedback. You may also rank a service provider if you have availed its services.
  • What's more! You can even provide your own services and create and market yourself through MeraCity! And that's not the end! You can also add other service providers to add to a city's services list so that people may learn about it. But that's not all!
  • MeraCity also let's you showcase your services and market them to increase your consumer base and business through our website advertisements.


What sets Mera City apart from other field specific service portals and apps is:

  1. It removes the need to know a service by name before accessing it online or offline.
  2. It connects the service providers directly with the service seekers and users. On MeraCity both the users and service providers can search for each other.
  3. It provides a much needed platform to market and generate business for SMEs and individual service providers.
  4. It helps community members to pool in information about the available resources in their region for a common good or cause esp. in case of emergencies.
  5. It brings together all the available services and (encourages to create more) resources of a city at one platform to make all the information accessible on your finger tips!

MeraCity serves the local communities needs by promoting and providing access to their indigenous resources and services. It creates user ownership of the portal via crowdsourcing data. Besides this, MeraCity enables and empowers communities to engage in entrepreneurial activities by offering their own services to their community members. It has especially openned doors for women to participate in entrepreneurial activities by offering their services in their town and beyond. Being a geographical portal, MeraCity aims to provide its services in multilingual format to be a truly accessible information portal for all.

MERACITY provides for the Local Needs of Our Global Customers!

GITHUB: www.github.com/codeforpakistan/meracity


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